Depuraseve BIO

Depuraseve BIO

Regenerate your organism, regenerating purifying agent.

× Freshly drained birch juice from the Ardennes forests
× Not pasteurized, not sterilized
× Enriched with bud extracts of birch and black currant
× Organic

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It is well known that this birch sap that is only drained during the spring in the Belgian Ardennes, cleanses the body of waste and toxins. The ‘passage’ of the sap through the tree leads to minerals so that one can really speak of a ‘biological water’.
The addition of bud extracts of birch and black currant significantly enhances the purifying and draining action of the juice. This enriched birch sap also improves the flexibility of your joints and exerts a tonic and invigorating effect on your body by tackling fatigue.
Ideally, it is recommended to drain the organism with each seasonal change.

Elimination of toxins
Draining and purifying effect
Revitalizing tired organisms
Supports slimming cure
Gemmotherapy from HerbalGem is extremely effective to promote well-being:

the button contains all the energy and properties of the plant
it is prepared exclusively with fresh buds, originating from nature or organic cultivation
all stages of the production process – from harvest to bottling – are under full control of HerbalGem
HerbalGem gemmoproducts are extremely concentrated, a small dose is sufficient. These products have several advantages compared to D1-diluted glycerine macerates (D1 means that the extract is diluted up to 10 times):

intake of 10 times less alcohol
preparation directly in a mixture of water-alcohol glycerine preserves all active ingredients of the bud

List of ingredients: Fresh birch juice (betula alba succus) *, bud extracts of birch (betula alba gemmae) *, blackcurrant (ribus nigrum) * and alcohol (12% vol.) *.

Contents: 250 ml (12% vol).

* Originating from organic cultivation. Controlled by Certisys: BE-BIO-01.

Unless advised otherwise:

Adults: 1 tablespoon in the morning is sufficient, pure or dissolved in a glass of water, for 3 weeks.

Children: 1 teaspoon in the morning is sufficient, pure or dissolved in a glass of water, for 3 weeks.

Shake well before use. Keep cool after opening.

For optimal effect, it is recommended to drink at least 1.5 liters of water daily, spread over the day.

The birch juice treatment is best used during each change of season.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

NB: De informatie op deze pagina is bedoeld als algemene ondersteuning, bevordering en optimalisering van de gezondheid. Het is niet bedoeld om dit product te promoten als geneesmiddel, als diagnosemogelijkheid, om te genezen, om te behandelen of om enige ziekte te voorkomen.

Bewaren: na openen donker en droog bewaren.

Buiten bereik van kinderen bewaren.

De aanbevolen dagelijkse dosering niet overschrijden.

Depuraseve BIO vormt geen vervanging voor een gezonde en gevarieerde voeding.

Wanneer u zwanger bent, borstvoeding geeft of voorgeschreven medicijnen inneemt, neem dan voor gebruik van het product contact op met uw voorschrijver.