Chaga Extract

Delicious combination of Scandinavian wild Blueberries and Finnish Chaga Extact!

25 grams


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Organic Blueberries and hand-picked wild Chaga is a delicious combination of Finnish wild Blueberries and Finnish wild Chaga Extract.

Chaga Extract is highly concentrated with biologically active healthy substances, especially with Chromogenis Complex (antioxidants). To make 1 kilo of Chaga Extract, approximately 8 kilos of raw Chaga is needed. Nothing is added. Chaga Extract is an effective natural supporter.

Freeze-dried powder of wild Finnish Blueberries, Chaga Extract, dextrin, extract of wild Blueberries, sweeteners (steviol glycosides)

Put about 1 teaspoon of powder in a cup and pour hot water on it. For a sweeter taste you can add honey or coconut sugar. Just stir and your drink is ready.

You can mix the Chaga Extract with yogurt or cottage cheese or sprinkle over the porridge. Chaga Extract can also be used in bread or baking. The dried berries are ground to a coarseness whereby most of the seeds are broken, so that the oils and other bio-active substances can be used by our body.

Does not have to be made as tea. It can be consumed with cold, lukewarm and hot (around 80 C) water. The production process includes extract under vacuum, dehumidification and freeze drying, leaving the phytonutrients in the Chaga undamaged and concentrated to the end product (extract).

Not to be used in combination with antibiotics.