• How is High Vitamin Butter Oil different from ghee and other butter oils?

They are not the same.

Ghee is pasteurized butter that is re-heated. Some companies will try to market a ghee product and call it butter oil in an attempt to confuse a buyer. They are one and the same.

High Vitamin Butter Oil, as Dr. Price made it and Green Pastures makes today, is extracted from the liquid without heat and never heated. The centrifuge does not generate heat, plus the cows eat a specific type of pasture under certain conditions.

This non-heated butter oil produced is separated into two parts. Only a small percentage of the oil is used to make the High Vitamin Butter Oil. The product is not heated, controlled grazing, and concentrated.

There has been attacks on Dr. Price and his work with High Vitamin Butter Oil since the 1930’s. Even today there are some who will dumb down his work and offer imitations with the above description distorted with intentional deception.

Our High Vitamin Butter Oil will have a culture or fermented like flavor. Because we do not use industrial means each lot can have different tastes, odors etc….

  • How do I store cod liver oil?

Refrigerate, cupboard or freezer. Some lots become solid when at refrigerated temperatures.

  • Why is the Fermented Cod Liver Oil taste, odor, color, texture different from jar to jar?

There is a reason that when Mom or Grandma took out the bottle of cod liver oil the kids would scatter.

Nature will decide how a product tastes, odors, textures etc… One can control nature through a variety of man designed systems including industrialization.

Because of todsyd general marketing focus based on comfort, convenience and profits we view todays world supply of cod liver oil and fish oils as something completely different than history and nature provides.

We rely on industrial processes to control variability and remove nutrients and other compounds to make a product more marketable. The focus is strictly marketing integrity not nutrient integrity.

At Green Pastures we recognize the important focus to be the opposite of the industrialized world. The cost for this focus is some customers will struggle to understand why this jar has this flavor, or this jar looks different than my last jar, or I don’t like the odor of this jar so it must be bad.

We have investigated many of variances and concluded that most difference are strictly related to the diet of the fish.

The odor is predominantly variances in tyramine. This amine is related to the diet of the fish and is the same amine that gives stinky cheese its unique qualities.

Some lots develop fat crystals. These have been identified as phyto sterols and are a result of the phyto plankton in the fish diet.

The same diet differences hold true when some lots are more saturate or solid than others. The acidic feel that can be a result of the enzymatic fermentation etc….

There are industrial processes to remove these variances but these process are the vary processes that will denature the natural product and nutrients.

So, if you are one that struggles with textures, flavors, odors, variances, please consider the capsules or consider using one of the tips to take FCLO such as mixing with yogurt, pomegranate juice, tomato juice, maple syrup, or honey.